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Thursday, November 5, 2009

小韩妈妈的作品 xiao han ma ma's craftwork

平常我都管她叫妈妈或小韩,因为她姓韩,她能在友族同胞的kebaya上用一粒粒不同颜色大小的珠子缝出漂亮精彩的花样,所以请她把自己的设计制成首饰,再让我把它们带去Pipit三周年的Craft Market和大家见面,请大家来看看吧~~

Usually I address her as xiao han (little han) because her surname is han, by the way, she is my dearest mum, she's able to using tiny little beads in diferent color to make a pretty sew work on baju kebaya ( malay traditional dress), recently i suggest her to turn those sew work into accessories, below are her accessories