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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ethnic Indian Style - Necklace

I like to dress in different ethnic stlye, indian long skirt or hmong handmade blue skirt, beaded bag.. instead of those i usual reated in new victorian style, wierd huh? for these series, bead and stone playing important role to express my concerpt, they all name after nature element in indian.

Bhani: Indian girls Bhani means "Fire", this bold and beautiful element, burning passion of the sun, the water, to taming this untame element

Chandrakala: Means "A Moonbeam" for indian, it heal the unrestless soul in the night of despair and lead it to golden morning's birth.

Avni: Means "The Earth" of indian, it cover by sunlight, soil , flora and fauna, the lotus in the middle , represent the energy to balance the earth element