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Sunday, January 9, 2011

ありがとう, Arigato

Few days ago, Yi Wan email to inform me she receive a book from japan, she told me that some of my creation have appear in this book, this good news had delighted my wholeday. The next day, she email me again and telling me there's a japanese family came with this book, they are appreciate my creation, the only thing is they couldnt get the bunny girl which i gift to my friend. they left some message and a draw a bunny girl, im so motivate by them and the strengh of buck up, domo arigato to zappa from Himeji.

Translate from note:
"Came from far away Himeji, Operate a shop which name Zappa, Cafe (Moon Tree) have a cute bunny plushie, buy a lot of accessories to put in shop"