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Monday, October 3, 2011

Progressive Ethnic Series

Gals, this is my another new line of creation, its call Progressive Ethnic, which is another part of my personality, vivid color, indian style....and statement too. hope you will like it :)

Red Canelia
This gorgeous ethnic necklace is a braided necklace ( 3 different treads) centralize with a blue vintage button and a multi color feather, there are also some dangling part which consist with blue, red and golden bead

Blue Nile
Made with twisted fringe, linking with gold chain which bead in red, turquoise and gold color, there are some bead dropping the center part.

The Pom Pom
The idea of this necklace is derive from hill tribe of china, its made from soft, light pom-pom trim(dark orange and blue), woven with nylon cording and sewing with button, its link together with gold tread. a yellow cotton tread is used to connect pompom and gold tread and adjustable closure to this necklace

The Kish
This piece of creation consist with 3 parts, from the closure until chest bone part, is a gold chain wrapped with blue leather string, the middle part is embroided ribbon sewing with a red string and golden beads, as for the bottom part, a yellow twisted fringe together bead in red, blue and gold drop.

The Fuchsia
The main material for this necklace are fabric, 2 weave checked fabric are attached with vintage button, a fabric flora in varies color with fringe are centralize on it too, as for the necklace, a nylon tread is use, sewing with different color of button (the other side are wrapped with a red color chain)