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Monday, March 8, 2010

Art For Grab - 2010 March Section

Rushing for creation for 2 weeks, work , craft,work ,craft......finally, i stock enough for every 2 months event: art for grab at annexe gallery , kuala lumpur. after all the hardwork, i met all my dear friends, supporter, primary classmate, artist and crafter. drowning in relax and delightful atmosphere, thats why i keep goin back to annexe gallery. i really missing my last few days....
两个星期的彻夜未眠,努力创作,为着参加art for grabs,眼眶黑了几个圈,眼袋愈加严重。。当时我在想,所有参与者,现在都在努力着,大家个个都是熊猫吧,不过人到了现场,朋友都看起来神采飞扬,可能又是大家见面的时候,都很开心哦。我个人很喜欢身在annexe gallery的感觉,当时可以是真正的自己,聊着自己真正喜欢的话题,现场气氛因为爵士乐,因此而感觉快乐。感谢annexe gallery,所有一起快乐的艺友,小学同学和前来支持的朋友,因为你们,我真的很快乐。 (p.s : thanks to Joan of permission for using her pictures. muak!)