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Friday, January 15, 2010

Make yourself a no sew tutu!

I made this skirt for company annual dinner, just cut and tie up, try out yourself!

You will need 4 things only:
  • Tulle 8 meter(veil)
  • Elastic (according your waist)
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
Step 1:
wrap eleastic around your waist and cut out acording your size
Step 2:
Cut out 10cm wide strip, decide the lenght yourself

Step 3:

tie the end of strip onto elastic, repeat same step until finish all stripes, you can try different color of tulle to make it more interesting and bold


Agnes Sim said...

hey...borrow me!!

Ireen said...

dunt wan, lalala~

hoyoyi said...

sweet la...~

淡淡tampin girl said...


ilikepapercutting said...

you look like princess in the tutu. This color matched you perfectly, does not look childish but elegant. creative with good taste.

Jun Yue said...

Wow!!! I really got to try this!
Looks so cook yet simple and can be a princess!!! XD
Thanks for sharing!!