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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Latest Creation For Up Coming Up For Grabs~

A series of black element which have never appear in my creation before, i think it suit my leopart print dress~


blueboxdiy said...


zhi ling~ said...
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Ireen said...

blueboxdiy: thanks oh, first time try this kind of style

Zhi ling: im ireen la (cry.....)

zhi ling~ said...

oh gosh..
just found out i wrote wrongly..
wonder why uh.
sorry ah, i KNOW it's ur blog lahhhh
was so sleepy i think.
paiseh ahhh
ireen ireen ireen ireen ireen ireen x100
haha... i hukum myself ade.

Ireen said...

hahaha, i was joking with u la, no hard feeling ya, aiyaya, how come din see u coming le?

S.C said...

hi Ireen I bought from you before, i wish to buy your handmade ...where is ur new update? i like the first two earrings how much are they

Agnes Sim said...

hey...plan to ask u design something for me le..i meant accessories for me wedding. :p