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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Endless Summer Bloom

The garden is a secret chamber to hide beautiness during winter season, when the snow has stop, there come out the sun, all of them are shinning with the rays of alluring sunshine, so dare and dazzling.


hoyoyi said...

This is my favorite piece among all!

Miyoko said...

Oh ... i love very much , so elegant ^^

Fairyhana said...

hye, did you know that your blog was featured in Intrend magazine too? the august issue if i was not mistaken. and this necklace was in the magz. btw love your creation!~

Maru said...

Simply inspirational! Found your blog through craftster and I just recently did my own bib necklace at www.craffy.blogspot.com. But yours is so stunningly beautiful :)