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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ethnic Indian Style - Necklace

I like to dress in different ethnic stlye, indian long skirt or hmong handmade blue skirt, beaded bag.. instead of those i usual reated in new victorian style, wierd huh? for these series, bead and stone playing important role to express my concerpt, they all name after nature element in indian.

Bhani: Indian girls Bhani means "Fire", this bold and beautiful element, burning passion of the sun, the water, to taming this untame element

Chandrakala: Means "A Moonbeam" for indian, it heal the unrestless soul in the night of despair and lead it to golden morning's birth.

Avni: Means "The Earth" of indian, it cover by sunlight, soil , flora and fauna, the lotus in the middle , represent the energy to balance the earth element


Angeline08 said...

have you any store in KL??

Cocomocha said...

Hi there, my studio is in jb, but you can come over Pipit wonderful craft market on coming sat at annexe gallery which located next to pasar seni

MINjiajia said...

But i don't think the necklace is for Indian...Those also elegant for anyone to attend any occasion or party...They are great...

Salameander said...

Oh my, your jewelry pieces are amazing! Your creativity is admirable :) (this is Michelle of Kindersoaps, by the way).

Cocomocha said...

thanks for comment minijiajia, i jus trying to get the idea from them , but actually i like thier accessories alot

Kindersoap, im just a small ant in big creative world, but im appreciate you have a look for my creation :)